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"This is a great establishment that offers quality cigars to its customers."

Vince B.
Williamstown, NJ

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The Wilshire Cigar

Imagine sandy beaches, palm trees, coconuts and tropical nights. Imagine a cigar that invokes these sundrenched, "California dreamin" images. Imagine a cigar made out of pipe tobacco. Imagine the Wilshire Cigar. Truly innovative, this very unique cigar is made from our Wilshire pipe tobacco, an exclusive Cavendish blend that offers a flavorful and delightfully aromatic smoking experience. We invite you to enjoy the pleasure of this very new, very special cigar named for our first store on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica, California. Dominican-made in 4 sizes for your smoking pleasure.

Wilshire CigarsWilshire Cigars

Cigars graphically represented above are not actual size.
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