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"The Tinder Box has the finest selection I've seen in my 42 years of pipe/cigar smoking. I've given up a lot in this economy but Tinder Box is a must stop each payday."

B. J. B.
Pensacola, FL

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One thing you have to realize is your local tobacconists are loading up with inventory of pipes and tobaccos after the annual trade show. For anyone who is serious about selling pipes, this is the time when inventories are at their peak and when you as a consumer will find the broadest pipe selections of the year including seasonal releases from different manufacturers like Peterson for an example. If you have been putting off your pipe purchase now is a good time to consider a visit to your local shop and check out what new goodies are available.

I think you have many good reasons to take a trip to your local, get some good guidance and enjoy all the new treats that are available.

Good Luck

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