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The Aalbørg Tinder Box Freehand by Erik Nørding
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"I generally buy everything on-line. My first stop to the Tinder Box in Dublin Ohio has changed that for Pipes and Tobacco. I'm always warmly greeted by Mike, and the feeling of being welcome is apparent. As a new pipe smoker (1 month), Mike has had so much useful information, I've had to return multiple times just to absorb it all. I'm also amazed at how good your prices are compared to on-line! Thanks to Mike, and your wonderful selection, I will go to the Dublin Tinder Box for all of my Pipe and Tobacco needs for as long as they are there. Thank you for making my starting experience so wonderful and enjoyable!"

Jason L.
Columbus, OH

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The World's Choicest Pipes

Whether you are an avid pipe collector and connoisseur, or a novice, Tinder Box tobacconists have the right pipe to appeal to any budget, or aficionado. Ascorti, Dunhill, Charatan, Nørding, Sasieni, Comoy, GBD, Savinelli, Peterson, Vauen, Caminettos, meerschaums and even hookahs...in addition to many exclusive pipes made for Tinder Box. These are just a sampling of what you will find in store at your local Tinder Box. Visit the Ascorti Showcase...a world of Ascorti pipes you can order through any Tinder Box store to have sent to you or, just pick it up at your favorite store in a few days!


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