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Tinder Box Private Stock

Long standing patrons of Tinder Box swear by our exclusive Private Stock cigars. While the tobacco is of unwavering excellent quality, we offer various sizes and shapes to suit every taste and budget. From our most popular 150 size to our vanilla flavored shapes, better cigar values can't be found. In fact, we're talking under $2 a cigar for most shapes in most states.* A Private Stock cigar enhances your image, rest assured it will never draw a scowl whether in the presence of one or in a crowd. It's a private pleasure, that pleases everyone, to smoke a Tinder Box Private Stock. Tinder Box Private Stock Cigars are available in many lengths and ring gauges, Candela, English Market Selection and Maduro wrappers. We also have those traditional handout cigars for that special time! It's a Boy and It's a Girl labeled cigars! Check with your local Tinder Box tobacconist for availability. To buy these Made in the Dominican Republic.

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*State OTP taxes can allow cigars to deviate considerably from a manufacturers suggested retail price.
Cigars graphically represented above are not actual size.
To buy these exclusive Tinder Box Cigars, visit your local Tinder Box store, or their web site.

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