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"I recently bought a Peter Stokkebye pipe from your store... you included a complimentary package of Vauen pipe cleaners in a zip lock bag with nothing but German writing on it. I have to tell you that not only is the pipe great, but the pipe cleaners are the best I have ever used... Since the Stokkebye I have ordered eight other pipes through the web site..."

Richard P.
Township of Washington, NJ

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Deciding Which Humidor is Right for You

The question we are asked most often is...."How do I keep these cigars fresh?" The answer is simple, a Cigar Humidor. A Cigar Humidor is a storage device (usually a box) that has a humidification system that adds humidity keeping your cigars fresh. You can purchase a cigar humidor for less than one hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. It is a critical investment for cigar smokers that want the full enjoyment from their cigars. There are several questions you should answer before purchasing a humidor...

How many cigars will I need to keep fresh?
Cigar humidors come in many sizes from small travel humidors that hold a few cigars to humidors that will hold several boxes. If for instance, you are purchasing cigars by the box, your humidor should hold at least 2 boxes of your favorite cigar. Most customers purchase humidors that hold at least 50 cigars for home or office use.

Where am I going to keep my humidor?

Purchasing a humidor is similar to purchasing a piece of furniture. If you are purchasing for your office you would want the style and color to match. Do you need a lock? Will it fit on your credenza? If you are purchasing for your home, what room will you keep it in? What finish is appropriate?

How much do I want to invest?
Many cigar smokers are somewhat shocked at the prices of high quality cigar humidors. A cigar smoker that will purchase a box of cigars for $150-$200 that will last him three or four weeks should consider a similar investment on a cigar humidor will last him a lifetime. To save money, many people will opt for a less expensive model and end up coming back for the humidor they really wanted a few months later.

Once you have answered these three questions visit a qualified tobacconist. Purchasing from a qualified tobacconist is very important for several reasons:

#1. Many years ago, there were only a handful of humidor manufacturers. Today there are hundreds. If the wood used to make a humidor is not treated properly (usually kiln dried) the humidor is susceptible to warping, therefore we are very careful when considering a new line of cigar humidors. A reputable tobacconist will stand behind the humidors they sell. Ask them their policy before purchasing.
#2. Selection !!! Remember you are making an investment in a piece of furniture that you will have for a long, long time. Most tobacconists have a wide variety of styles and price ranges to choose from.
#3. Knowledge - Accessories for the cigar smoker is our business. After you have narrowed down your selection based on price and style....Ask questions about the features. The hinge system, is it lined with Spanish Cedar, what type of humidification system, etc.
#4. Your tobacconist should always show you how to initially prepare your humidor for use and be there for you if you have additional questions once you get it home.

Good Luck,
Dennis Lambert
Tinder Box Rockford

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