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"I just started taking up the pipe. The guy with the grey hair and beard was a tremendous help. His advice really helped me since I'm new to this. The Tinder Box is a fabulous store that I just like to walk into to smell the aroma. Please open one near Grove City!"

Kelly H.
Grove City, OH

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Tinder Box Exclusive Frontmarks

When we asked one of the world's most distinguished cigar makers to create their finest cigars exclusively for Tinder Box, we knew it would not be an easy task. In creating our Tinder Box Exclusive Frontmark Cigars, we wanted only superior quality vintage filler tobaccos. We would not accept a blend of superior and "average" tobaccos. Further, we insisted the tobaccos must be aged three years to assure maximum flavor and smoothness. Because the outside wrapper provides much of the flavor in a premium handmade cigar, we designated only the choicest and most valuable wrapper tobaccos. We wanted wrappers that were "alive," rich in natural oils and flavors, with a smooth, silky feel and glossy sheen. We wanted our Exclusive Frontmark Cigars to be perfectly crafted, rolled neither too tight nor too loose. A perfect cigar requires skills that take years to develop, so we asked for only the most experienced master craftsmen to put their hands to our Exclusive Frontmark Cigars. Finally, to insure that the wrapper and filler tobaccos work together in perfect harmony, we stipulated that our cigars be stored for at least six months under precise conditions for a perfect marriage of tobaccos. Only through these painstaking steps could we develop superb cigars. Since 1928, Tinder Box has taken great pride in offering our valued customers the highest quality products. This is especially true of our cigars. Now, when you select one of the Exclusive Frontmarks below, open the box, remove the band and savor the rich flavor and smoothness, you will know with certainty that you are enjoying the best of the best.

Tinder Box Exclusive Frontmarks
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