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Deciding Which Humidor is Right for You
Picking a Humidor for Dry Times
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Feature columns written by our franchisees about all of your favorite pipes, cigars, tobaccos, and accessories...even wine and food! There are columns and articles on pipes, pipe smoker's accessories, and tobaccos for today's discriminating pipe aficionado. You will find columns on cigars and cigar accessories, for the cigar aficionado...or for the novice who wants to learn all one can about the world of cigars and cigar smoking. For the roll your own and imported cigarette aficionados, there is something here for you also! Looking to pair up a cigar with wine and/or your favorite dish? Look no further.

Deciding Which Humidor is Right for You
Due to the availability of certain cigars, many of our customers have found themselves purchasing larger quantities of their favorite brands and shapes as they are available. The question we are asked most often is...."How do I keep these cigars fresh?" The answer is simple, a Cigar Humidor. A Cigar Humidor is a storage device (usually a box) that has a humidification system that adds humidity keeping your cigars fresh. You can purchase a cigar humidor for less than one hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. It is a critical investment for cigar smokers that want the full enjoyment from their cigars. There are several questions you should answer before purchasing a humidor...
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Picking a Humidor for Dry Times
The humidor in its simplest form is a storage medium for cigars. Cigars are perishable products and if not stored properly they will dry out, become brittle, and lose their wonderful smoking pleasure. However, cigars can't simply be stored in a box. Why? Because to keep them at their peak freshness and flavor, they require a critical element: humidity. It is commonly agreed that a 70% humidity factor is the norm. Now, imagine trying to maintain your house at a 70% humidity level. Not to many people are interested in creating a tropical hot house in their homes. Even with household humidifiers. Homes are very comfortable at about a 45% humidity level. Humidors solve this problem very nicely. Features of a humidor: Almost all humidors have three features in common. Article continued here...

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