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So You're Thinking About Smoking a Pipe?
The Nording Pipe
Why a High Grade?
I've Always Wanted a Meerschaum Pipe
The Hookah...Quite a Mystical Smoke
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"It was great to find the store at Easton. I shopped at Tinder Box many years ago. I haven't been in the area for a long time, and things have changed since I lived here before. Tinder Box has the best of everything for the pipe and cigar enthusiast. Glad I found you again!"

Alan C.
Columbus, OH

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Franchisee Articles

Feature columns written by our franchisees about all of your favorite pipes, cigars, tobaccos, and accessories...even wine and food! There are columns and articles on pipes, pipe smoker's accessories, and tobaccos for today's discriminating pipe aficionado. You will find columns on cigars and cigar accessories, for the cigar aficionado...or for the novice who wants to learn all one can about the world of cigars and cigar smoking. For the roll your own and imported cigarette aficionados, there is something here for you also! Looking to pair up a cigar with wine and/or your favorite dish? Look no further.

So You're Thinking About Smoking a Pipe?
So you're thinking about smoking a pipe but aren't sure what to do? You've stopped by your favorite smokeshop and found this old guy who only wants to sell you the same brand of pipe that he smokes. Everything else in the store is just for show. "The "Hairywon" Pipe is the only way to go, he tells you. It's got a big bowl to hold a ton of tobacco so you won't have to stop and fill it up every two hours. Never mind that you only want to smoke a couple of times a day. Not all day. He says it gets real hot which is good in the winter to keep your hands warm. And you'll love the little gurgling sound it makes when you get about half way down. That blocks out your wife yelling at you, "DO you have to smoke that stinking stuff all day?" Article continued here...

The Nording Pipe
Erik Nording is a pipemaker from Copenhagen, Denmark. He, like many others from that region, has a modest size operation that is very hands on. He makes many different styles of pipes but specializes in freehands. After decades in the business, he has found his niche in the market by producing amazing looking pipes but keeping prices in a mid-range that everyone can afford.
Article continued here...

Why a High Grade
What is a high-grade pipe? Why buy a high-grade pipe? How can you become initiated into the mysteries of briar? The answers to these questions can be endlessly debated. I believe, however, that there are guidelines - although not unyielding ones - that can assist you in making this all-important decision: to purchase a high-grade pipe. Imagine when you hear the statement, "These are our high-grade pipes." Some will impulsively check their wallets, making sure all credit cards are in place, because this must mean money, money, money! I think this is one of the most unfortunate reactions. Let's forget about dollars, let's not mistake green for grain, and let's not be fooled into believing that we are buying pork bellies with the potential for boundless returns on investment. Article continued here...

I've Always Wanted a Meerschaum Pipe
How many times have you looked at that wonderfully carved Meerschaum pipe and said to yourself 'I would love to have that in my collection, but I just can't justify buying a museum piece that just looks good. I want something I can truly enjoy because I love smoking my pipes!' Or, because you have heard you need to handle these pipes in a special way, you are concerned you will ruin the pipe because you are not sure of how to take care of one. Relax, sit back and enjoy a bowl of your favorite blend, and we'll step you through everything you need to know about Meerschaum pipes and just how easy they are to maintain. We will also explain why these are some of the finest smoking pipes ever made." Article continued here...

The Hookah...Quite a Mystical Smoke
For centuries, men in the Middle East have gathered around hookahs to puff fruit-scented smoke, talk and pass the time.....If you haven't noticed lately, smoking Hookahs has been increasingly gaining in popularity over the last few years. So what's up with all this Hookah stuff anyway? To start, a Hookah is a traditional Middle Eastern smoking pipe that filters the smoke through water to cool and mellow the taste. A Hookah pipe consists of a ceramic bowl holding tobacco heated by a coal above that's drawn down a metal stem through water in a glass base to the smoker, drawing on a decorative hose. If that's too much, to fast, just check out the picture.   Article continued here...

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