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"One word summarizes your stores in Myrtle Beach: AWESOME!"

Nick W.
Myrtle Beach, SC

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The World's Finest Cigars at Your Choosing

You will find all of your favorite cigars at Tinder Box...Padron, Macanudo, Arturo Fuente, Partagas, CAO plus the opportunity to choose from our Exclusive Frontmarks or our famous Private Stock. Tinder Box has a very special relationship with renowned manufacturers who have met our demanding requirements for the finest vintage leaf, the tastiest, smoothest burning wrappers, and beautifully balanced blending. Our buyers expend their best efforts the year round to bring you the finest cigars available on the market today. Following the sun to the lush tobacco growing regions of the world, their work begins right in the fields where only the finest crops are selected. They choose the best wrapper leaf for each range, and personally supervise the blending of the premium filler tobaccos. In sort, we monitor the product from crop selection to final packaging. Our position as the largest chain of quality pipe and tobacco shops in North America enables us to bring you not only quality at its zenith, but attractive prices as well. Tinder Box recognizes that you deserve the very best. Our name on each box of Tinder Box Private Stock and Tinder Box Exclusive cigars is our signature attesting to the fact that these are the best values to be found anywhere today.

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