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Eddie O'Clare's® Irish Cigarillos

Named in honor of our founder Ed Kolpin Sr. and our most favorite county on the Emerald Isle, Eddie O'Clare's® Irish Cigarillos are delightful little cigars. Comprised of tobaccos from the world's finest growing regions, Eddie O'Clare' s® Irish Cigarillos provide a delicate flavor that is the perfect shorter smoke for golfing, after lunch or relaxing with a pint! The Dutch, having no peers for centuries, have supplied smokers in Europe with small cigars. Now the Irish are bringing their expertise in the blending of fine tobaccos to bear in the making of these cigarillos for Tinder Box. Available in boxes of 40, Sumatra or Brasil wrapper, Eddie O'Clare's® Irish Cigarillos are sure to be enjoyed. Eddie O'Clare's® Irish Cigarillos are a Tinder Box Exclusive.

Eddie O'Clare's

Cigars graphically represented above are not actual size.
To buy these Eddie O'Clare's Cigars, visit your local Tinder Box store close to you, or their web site.

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