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"My older brother introduced me to Tinder Box a dozen years ago @ your Monroeville, Pa store. I very much enjoy your Honey Cavendish tobacco. Soon after, I discovered hand rolled cigars, and fell in love."

Jamey O.
East Brady, PA

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Q - Just bought a small humidor, do I take the cigar out of the tube/cello wrap it came in? Or do I place tube and all in the humidor?
Manuel M.

A -It’s really a personal preference. I personally would leave the cello on. The cello protects the cigar from handling as you retrieve one from your stock. If the cigar is in a tube they are made to keep the cigar in pristine condition. Keep the cigar in the tube in the humidor. This doesn't mean you can be lax in making sure your humidor is always maintaining the correct humidity and temperature.
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