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"I am just now starting to smoke a pipe, well about 1 year ago and this is the best sight I have found yet."

Steve B.
Athens, AL.

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Ascorti Christmas Pipe

2012 is another special year in the making of a Tinder Box Ascorti Christmas Pipe. Roberto wished to continue making an individual Christmas pipe for specially selected Tinder Box locations. He has hand carved a pipe based on the shape that these Tinder Box stores design and has hand stamped the pipe with that store location. Several Tinder Box stores have been invited to participate in this very special edition. The Tinder Box 2012 Christmas Pipe is a limited number of different shapes. Click the link below to see if your favorite store will have this very special pipe for 2012. Pipes are available now.

These 2012 Ascorti Christmas Pipes can only be purchased at select Tinder Box stores.

Click here for a listing of selected stores.

Ascorti Christmas Pipe History

Click here for a graphical pdf catalog of the history of Ascorti Christmas Pipes made for Tinder Box!

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