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 Ascorti Commemorative Edition Pipe

2009 was a very special year in the history of Ascorti Pipes. Roberto only reintroduced and carved one shape for the Peppino Series Edition. This shape will be in remembrance of the passing of his father, Peppino in 1984. This beautiful "Shape 158" from the original Caminetto Shape Chart was one of Peppino's first creations as told to us by his wife Paola.

Only 82 total pipes in total were produced and divided between the Peppino and regular Ascorti series pipes. Each pipe comes with a handwritten letter from Paola, thanking all pipe smokers for remembering her husband in this commemorative edition pipe.

"My husband Peppino passed from this world in 1984 at the age of 57. I am so happy that after 25 years, our friends at Tinder Box wish to remember Peppino with a Commemorative pipe. This special edition pipe is a shape that was one of his first creations at the very beginning of his pipe making career during the 1970's. My son Roberto and his wife Silvana give honor to my husband in making this special pipe. Their wish is that all pipe smokers never forget the artistry and passion my husband had for the very simple business of making pipes that smokers enjoy. Peppino would have been 82 years young this year, and knowing his love of briar and all things with it, would probably still be working in his life's passion. Thank you for purchasing this beautiful Ascorti Pipe. My hopes are that your passion for the smoking pipe is as great as my husband's was in making it for you and that you remember him always."

Paola Ascorti

Only 82 total pipes have been produced for the Commemorative Edition. The edition features: 56 Peppino Series Pipes in Business Finish in both blonde natural or dark red finish only. 24 Ascorti Regular Series Pipes in Business Finish with Smoke Rim top. 2 additional pipes were produced in a natural smooth finish, with special adornment. One pipe is a Peppino Series, the other a regular Ascorti production. These two pipes have been sold. All pipes are numbered.

Peppino Series Numbering Nomenclature
00 57 82
The first number is the pipe number.
The second number is the number of pipes of this series produced, 57.
The third number is the total number of pipes produced in the

commemorative edition, 82.

Ascorti Regular Series Numbering Nomenclature
00 25 82
The first number is the pipe number.
The second number is the number of pipes of this series produced, 25.
The third number is the total number of pipes produced, 82

These numbers also have a very special meaning. 25 is the number of years since Peppino's passing for which this
Commemorative Edition is being made.
57 is the age at which he passed.
82 is the age he would be today if he would have lived.
There is a very limited quantity of these pipes left. To see selections you can order a pipe through your favorite
Tinder Box store, click here.

Please contact your Ascorti Dealer for more information
Ascorti Peppino Series Selections are a Tinder Box Exclusive

Ascorti Peppino Logo

Peppino Commemorative
Roberto & Peppino Photo

The Ascorti Regular Series Commemorative Pipes are available only at authorized Ascorti Pipe
Purveyors and Tinder Box stores n the United States.

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