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Ascorti Peppino Series Pipes

He was very young boy, when Giuseppe Ascorti, "Peppino" to all his friends began his career working as a joiner in a small furniture factory for his father. When he was about 30 years old, his passion for design and his great desire to create, he began to make pipes. In a very short time he became a great master with his revolutionary ideas to create new pipe shapes while still maintaining the classic lines of Italian pipe design. In the 1970's, a chain of upstart pipe shops named Tinder Box while traveling in Italy, immediately realized his talent, and together collaborated in bringing the Ascorti Pipe to pipe smokers around the world. Peppino taught all his pipe making secrets to his son Roberto, who also had a natural talent as well. Today, after 25 years since Peppino's disappearance, Roberto Ascorti and Tinder Box has a pleasure to produce a great once in a life time series of smoking pipes to be treasured forever.

Inspired from the original pipe designs, handcrafted in the 1970's and 1980's by his father Peppino, Roberto has remade the original designs, with the same hand making process used in those years, the same seasoned and selected briar, and the same care in working that his father was able to do. The pipes are also fitted with the same acrylic mouthpieces that are being specially remade from 30 years ago. Each design will include a certificate that shows the original copy of the old Peppino design drawings. These pipes have a special logo with "A.P." and stamp with the Peppino name in honor of him and thanking him for the teachings of his passion to his son Roberto.

Roberto now has retired all shapes that were introduced as part of the original set in 2006. These shapes are never to be made again as part of the Peppino Serie. There is still availability but quantities are limited. Contact your local Tinder Box to see what finishes and shapes are available. In 2008...Roberto carved two new shapes from the old shape chart to be part of this marvelous series of pipes. 2009 was a very special year in the history of Ascorti Pipes. Roberto reintroduced and carved one shape for the Peppino Series. This shape is in remembrance of the passing of his father, Peppino in 1984. To learn about this special pipe, click here. 2013 brought to us a custom designed shape from a Tinder Box store in collaboration with Roberto. To learn more about this edition, click here.

2006 Shapes

Ascorti Peppino ShapesClick here for more information on the Peppino CommemorativeClick here for more information on the Peppino Commemorative

Shapes 101, 131, 135, 142, 152, 158, 167
and 145 are retired.

Ascorti Peppino Logo
Ascorti Pipes

Many of the "retired" selections could still be available in Tinder Box stores. Contact your local store for availability.
A 2010 Edition was not released.
A 2011 Edition was not released.
There was no 2012 Edition.

Ascorti pipes are available to order through any Tinder Box store you choose, either by mail order or you can request the pipe be available for pick up in a few days at your favorite Tinder Box!

View the Peppino Series Pipes in the Ascorti Showcase

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