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"I am just now starting to smoke a pipe, well about 1 year ago and this is the best sight I have found yet."

Steve B.
Athens, AL

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Ascorti Pipes

Connoisseurs the world over recognize that Ascorti pipes are simply the best. This well cured, century old briar is carved by hand to the optimum shape dictated by the natural grain of the wood itself. Pipemaking craftsmanship at its very best by the master pipe maker Roberto Ascorti. Ascorti's briar is carefully cured and seasoned until all excess resin and moisture disappear, leaving a featherlight and absorbent briar block. No two Ascorti pipes are ever exactly alike, as each is carved by hand to the optimum shape indicated by the natural grain of the briar. Fitted with a hand-carved Lucite stem which never tarnishes and with a glove. Available in several finishes including Business, New Dear, Nus, Russ,  Natural, Striata, Media, Sabbia D'Oro, Half & Half and Brushed.
Production and availability are limited and only some finishes are available, but the wait is worth it.

Ascorti pipes are available to order through any Tinder Box store you choose, either by mail order or you can request the pipe be available for pick up in a few days at your favorite Tinder Box!

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