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"I recently bought a Peter Stokkebye pipe from your store... you included a complimentary package of Vauen pipe cleaners in a zip lock bag with nothing but German writing on it. I have to tell you that not only is the pipe great, but the pipe cleaners are the best I have ever used... Since the Stokkebye I have ordered eight other pipes through the web site..."

Richard P.
Township of Washington, NJ

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Reserve 1928®

Tinder Box Reserve 1928® was introduced in 2006 and was the first new addition to our tobacco bar in over three years. We went to The McClelland Tobacco Company with our criteria in hand: the tobacco had to be intriguing to the eye, have uniqueness to the nose and be ever so pleasing to the palate. In addition, this is only the second time in history that Tinder Box has introduced a tinned tobacco to our loyal pipe smokers. Because this new blend hearkens our roots, we called upon the touch of a master blender to come up with a blend so unique and so delicious, it is destined to be our top selling tobacco of all time. Tinder Box Reserve 1928® has the panache, the sophistication, the delicacy to satisfy a pipe smoker of refined taste and independent means. It is easy to pack, and has a subtle, natural sweetness. A cool, dry smoke with a pleasing aroma. The composition of this new tobacco is Red Virginia, Orange Virginia, Virginia Flake, and a touch of Burley. It burns great, has a fantastic re-light, a nice subtle sweet taste, no after taste and burns to a nice clean ash. Made exclusively for Tinder Box by McClelland Tobacco Co.

Reserve 1928Reserve 1928

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