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I have been missing out all these years!! The best tobacco store in the world at my finger tips!!! Can you add a scratch and sniff icon!!! I am now stationed in the sand box, so just ship my orders to my wife and she'll deliver!! HOOAH!"

Lindell M.
Harvest, AL

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Tobacco Samplers

We are justifiably proud of our "exclusive private blends." Developed by pipe smokers for pipe smokers, Tinder Box exclusive tobacco blends burn cool with no "bite." Undecided? Sample the smoking delight of four of our exclusive tobaccos, all packaged together in a distinctive gift package. A Tinder Box tobacco sampler makes a great gift idea even for yourself, or of course for another pipe smoker! Available in Aromatic and Connoisseur assortments. The Connoisseur contains two aromatics and two English style blends.

Tobacco Sampler

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