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"The staff at the Easton Town Center location in Columbus, Ohio is the most knowledgeable and helpful I have come across in my 2 plus years of smoking. I will only buy from that location. Keep up the good work!"

Nate W.
Lexington, OH

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The House of Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is known to all readers as the young hero of Charles Dickens' classic English tale of rags to riches and good vs. corruption. Yet few in America know Oliver Twist humbly resides and works in the charming, fairy tale city of Odense, Denmark too! Oliver Twist is the brand of tobacco you have been looking for. Oliver Twist is small, hand-rolled and cut pieces of flavorful tobacco packaged in tiny, pocket-sized tins. Pure, burley tobacco grown and harvested in the lush plantations of Kentucky and Tennessee are hand selected by the Oliver Twist family to be used in their blends. Carefully scrutinized full tobacco leaves are gently hand-chosen, meticulously placed, and processed into long, continuous, and consistent "ropes" of tobacco.

These ropes are carefully wound on a spindle to be later cured and flavored with 100 % natural licorice, mint, berries, and other pleasing flavors.
Oliver Twist was established in the historic city of Odense, Denmark in 1805. Acquired by the gracious Nielsen Family in 1974, this company is still proudly family owned and operated. The factory is a marvel of modern efficiency as well as employee loyalty. Not only is the extremely delicate care of each and every tobacco leaf to the finished packaging tin a sight to behold, but the automation of packaging is simply amazing! Many employees have worked at the clean, well-run plant for years and years, a testament to both product and employer.
How can Oliver Twist meet your exacting needs? As we all know, modern consumers have less and less choice as to when and where they can use tobacco products. Many establishments, even entire cities! limit or entirely prohibit cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoking, as well as snuff and chewing tobacco. The restrictions are tightening each and every day across America. Yet Oliver Twist Tobacco can quite discretely satisfy your discriminating taste for a good, pure tobacco product. Perhaps you are trying to cut back on cigarette smoking. Or maybe it's a long, international airline flight. Maybe you and your favorite person would like to enjoy a fine tobacco during cocktails or after dinner at a restaurant or establishment that bans or frowns upon smoking. A small, ready cut portion of Oliver Twist can efficiently and tastefully fill your needs without excess mouth fluids to be rid of or smoke that may disturb others.
Oliver Twist tobacco is placed in the mouth to be slowly savored in an hour or two. Once the long-lasting flavor is gone, the small "pellet" is discretely removed and discarded, much like (and often mistaken for!) a piece of chewing gum. Oliver Twist is neatly packaged in pocket or purse sized 1 x 2-inch tins and comes in many flavors. The Classic (white tin) product line is based on dark, fire cured burley tobacco and the Golden Mild (black tin) line is based on air cured tobacco.
Oliver Twist has been the tobacco of choice for almost 200 years in many European countries, including, of course, wonderful Denmark and Scandinavia, as well as England and Germany. Americans are discovering Oliver Twist now too. We encourage you to contact your local Tinder Box to try Oliver Twist soon so you too may explore the many beneficial delights of Oliver Twist!


Jim Knaus
Tinder Box Memphis

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