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The House of Oliver Twist
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"I've been a Tinder Box loyal customer & fan for most of my life. Now I'm a disabled veteran & live out in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia. I really like your web site. Thanks for a great job!"

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Feature columns written by our franchisees about all of your favorite pipes, cigars, tobaccos, and accessories...even wine and food! There are columns and articles on pipes, pipe smoker's accessories, and tobaccos for today's discriminating pipe aficionado. You will find columns on cigars and cigar accessories, for the cigar aficionado...or for the novice who wants to learn all one can about the world of cigars and cigar smoking. For the roll your own and imported cigarette aficionados, there is something here for you also! Looking to pair up a cigar with wine and/or your favorite dish? Look no further.

The House of Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist is known to all readers as the young hero of Charles Dickens' classic English tale of rags to riches and good vs. corruption. Yet few in America know Oliver Twist humbly resides and works in the charming, fairy tale city of Odense, Denmark too! Oliver Twist is the brand of tobacco you have been looking for. Oliver Twist is small, hand-rolled and cut pieces of flavorful tobacco packaged in tiny, pocket-sized tins. Pure, burley tobacco grown and harvested in the lush plantations of Kentucky and Tennessee are hand selected by the Oliver Twist family to be used in their blends. Carefully scrutinized full tobacco leaves are gently hand-chosen, meticulously placed, and processed into long, continuous, and consistent "ropes" of tobacco." Article continued here...

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