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"Great site. I learned of a Tinder Box relatively close to where I live. I'm sure I'll be paying them a visit. Thanks!"

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Douglasville, GA

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Cigar Review

Welcome to the Tinder Box Cigar Review! This is a totally biased, selfish and self serving page put together by our panel of distinguished reviewers who are just dying for you to try the cigars they are so wholeheartedly reviewing and recommending to you! Some of these cigars are only available at the reviewers Tinder Box store...others might be well known and national, not to mention, international frontmarks. Others might be that obscure little one shape brand with a perfecto from a factory well off the beaten (if any) path from some remote corner of an unknown island in the Caribbean. So, check your hygrometer, make sure you have room in your humidor and take a walk on the wild side. This fun little page is not for the faint of palate or the stodgiest of cigar smoker! Lighten up...or should we say, "Light Up" and have some fun! Now you might say, "How do I lay my hands on some of these little beauties?" You won't be able to order any of these puppies online. After each review, there will be a contact e-mail of the reviewer, who happens to be a franchisee who just happens to own a Tinder Box somewhere in this great country of ours who just happens to want to sell you the cigar they are proclaiming to be the best that will ever touch your lips. He or she will be happy to respond to your inquiry and personally take your order! (Yes.....we did say personally!) Your cigars will be on your doorstep faster than you can say Fuente Fuente Opus X!


The Alexis is a most wonderful cigar. Alexis Cigars are manufactured in Santiago, Dominican Republic exclusively for us here at the Reno Tinder Box. Using a blend of tobaccos from Ecuador, The Dominican Republic and Nicaragua we were able to create a cigar with a wealth of flavor that is simply complex. cigar. Alexis is a most wonderful cigar, created, blended and rolled exclusively for Tinder Box of Reno , Nevada .

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade grown in Ecuador

Binder: Olor from San Victor, Dominican Republic

Filler: Criollo and Corojo from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic

Hecho a Mano: Santiago, Dominican Republic

The Alexis Cigar is available only at the Tinder Box store in Reno, Nevada. Our franchisee John Abram would love to tell you more about these special stogies in person! You can contact him by clicking here!

Miguel y Tiziana
After judging the popularity of our Half Moon Cigars (an enjoyable smoke) at a reasonable price, I decided to add to our offering of cigars made exclusively for my Tinder Box store in Rockford Illinois. I started smoking and testing various blends looking for a medium bodied cigar that we would be proud to recommend and our customers would be happy to smoke. My search ended in the lush Jamastran Valley near Danli Honduras , where the wrapper, binder and filler are grown and then rolled by hand. The Sun Grown Wrapper makes this a delicious smoke. The name was chosen with pride. When my son Michael was married to Tiziana it was one of our family' s proudest moments. I developed this cigar to celebrate that very special event.

Miguel y Tiziana is available only at the Tinder Box stores in Rockford, Illinois. Our franchisee Dennis Lambert would love to tell you more about these special stogies in person! You can contact him in his store by clicking here!


Northwest Territory
Ecuador has been providing cigar tobacco for many years, however, its strength and texture has been more suited to wrappers and binders. The Ramos family has been experimenting for years to develop filler tobacco. We are pleased to announce they are there. Our NORTHWEST TERRITORY cigar is a result of their efforts. The Connecticut Shade version is a medium bodied cigar with nutty flavors. The true PURO with a Maduro Sumatra wrapper adds an element of spiciness to make this version a fun cigar. Two more special features of the NORTHWEST TERRITORY cigar is they are rolled by experienced Cuban rollers that Fidel sent from his ROBAINA factory. And just as special is the price, more than half of most popular cigars. The NORTHWEST TERRITORY is currently available in two sizes (more coming) in both wrappers in very nice ten count wooden boxes.

These cigars are available only at the Tinder Box store in Williamsville, New York. Our franchisee Jim Dvorak would love to tell you more about these special stogies in person! You can contact them and their store by clicking here!

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